In a remote outpost, that was long thought to be unmanned, a lone soldier was retiring the colors. The post was empty except for one remaining soldier. The recent invasion was done, in secret, at night by stealth foreign drones. The highly developed Viruses attacked the base personnel quickly and completely left nothing but dead soldiers except one Patriot who, for some unknown reason, was immune because of a daily dose of medicine to combat a liver condition.

He stood alone as the sun was setting and watched as the American Flag fluttered in the breeze. He saluted and grabbed the lanyard to lower the flag and unhook it from the white cord that carried it to the top of the pole at sunrise. As the flag was lowered, and before it touched the ground, he grabbed the flag and tried his best to fold it properly for the last time.

Now folded in the familiar triangle fashion he grasped the flag and held it close to his chest.

A single bullet tore through the folded flag and his body as a final show of disrespect. The last sound the Patriot heard was the cracking sound of the rifle as the propelled bullet went through it’s target.

America is no more. No more patriots, no more socialites and no more freedom for the remaining population. Anarchy has taken over with no remorse or faith in a God that was removed from the American people in small phases that didn’t raise alarms or cause distress until it was too late.

There is nothing left now but the promise of Christ’s return to a broken planet.

The final words spoken by the Patriot as he took his final breath was “In God We Trust”.

Who We Elect is Important  / Chuck Salisbury, MBA  / 949-910-6028