The Incredible Investment Book

Reason #1 You Need to Buy This Book

In this new book financial whiz Charles Salisbury shares his time-tested and proven methods to earn 12% Yield where your investment is 100% insured.

The Incredible Investment Book

Reason #2 You Need to Buy This Book

You will discover and learn how to use an institutional product banks use called “Arbitrage” to increase wealth using other people’s money (OPM).

The Incredible Investment Book

Reason #3 You MUST Buy This Book

It will change your life! You will be introduced to the number 1 way to invest in real estate. You will learn to build your portfolio and take care of yourself and your family forever.

The Incredible Investment Book (3rd Edition)

Introducing America’s Number ONE Investment

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Author of “The Incredible Investment” book series Charles Salisbury

The California Business Journal says that “Charles ‘Chuck’ Salisbury has been making people money – and teaching them how to make it for themselves – for decades(Belknapp, S. 2017).  In his newest book “The Incredible Investment Book: America’s Number One Investment” Salisbury shares a concept that has been around since 1911 but only the very wealthy know about it.  Warren Buffett has invested more than $1 billion into it and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has invested $500 million.  However, investors who work with Charles can benefit from this institutional tool banks use every day with a minimal investment starting at just $25,000.  The interest rate on this investment can be 12% and the average maturity rate is 3.5 years.  What is most incredible about Chuck’s strategy is that this type of investment is 100% insured!  Don’t waste any more of your precious time and capital, get this proven financial whiz’s newest book, “The Incredible Investment Book” today!

Learn how to make the most of your money!

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Chuck Salisbury, MBA

Author of “The Incredible Investment Book” and “Living a Balanced Life.”

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Don’t Miss Out on This Incredible Investment Opportunity!

Earn a Minimum of 12%

Earn a Minimum of 12%

Investment Fully Insured

Investment Fully Insured

Would you like to earn 12% on your money in a fully insured investment with NO loss of Principle?

Then you need “The Incredible Investment Book” by Chuck Salisbury


Learn how to benefit from "arbitrage" just like institutional banks do


Learn how to earn interest using other people's money (OPM)


Learn Chuck's other proven, "Out of the Box" investment strategies

It has taken a lifetime for Chuck Salisbury to finally discover the Number One Investment in America.  He has now written a book that details the incredible benefits that every investor wants but cannot find. The very wealthy have known about these secrets since 1911. Now YOU can invest in it once you read about this discovery in his newest book “The Incredible Investment Book: Introducing America’s Number One Investment”

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